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Magda Denissen is born in Antwerp, Belgium. Magda is self-taught painter.
She did not seem to find any purpose or use in academic classes for her personal artistic growth,
which she mentioned were constraining her to someone else's thoughts and theories.
Why would someone tell me that what I am doing should be done a different way?
Who determines what is right or wrong in my paintings? Nobody. Not even me.
I do not paint to do it right. I paint to express what I can not say with all the words I know:
An emotion, a thought, a moment, an object that looks ordinary to everybody but me, said Magda.
There are no theories behind Magda's paintings,
they are an expression of her thoughts and emotions.
"Visual poetry" is what she does.
From abstract to realism, from expressionism to minimalism,
Magda goes through many different genres and expressions in her paintings...